Whimsical Charms of the Jaipur Kurti

Buying Guide Kurti From Online Outlet

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Kurtis are like daal chawal, aren’t they? Just as daal chawal is a staple in our diet, kurtis are the same in our wardrobe. They are simple, stylish, comfortable, and suitable for any situation. You can slip into a kurti for a formal office day, a family function, a casual outing, or even at home. For this versatility, kurtis are a top-favorite among women.
There are millions of websites and apps offering you the latest kurtis from various labels. As a smart customer, while you buy kurta online, you need to keep certain things clear in your mind.
We are drawn to India’s design heritage because we want to find contemporary ways to express it through clothing.
So, presenting to you all a buying guide to consider before shopping kurtis from online stores in India: –
Let’s get started!
There are various types of kurtis, like floor-length, A-line, short, flared, dhoti, shirt kurtis, etc. You must be aware of your body shape and select a kurti design that draws attention to your best features. For instance, to appear taller, someone of short or average height should wear kurtis with straight lines. Three-quarter or full-sleeve kurtis are options for people with thin arms and hands.

Comfortable fabric

The fabric is the most crucial consideration before you purchase a kurti online, don’t you think? The kurti’s fabric must enable your skin to breathe, feel comfortable, and allow you to move freely. Although silk or rayon kurtis can also be worn, cotton is by far the most convenient fabric. The fabric of a kurti is heavily influenced by the climate of a particular location. So stick to cotton if you’re traveling somewhere with a humid climate.

Print that you like

There are an infinite number of kurti print styles available online. To mention a few, polka dots, block patterns, bandhni designs, and floral motifs are timeless favorites. Here, you may play it intelligently. Choose kurtis with tiny designs or vertical stripes if you want to look slimmer and taller. Choose larger prints if you wish to appear a bit bulkier.

Ratings & reviews

You may like a certain print, cut, color, or the overall look of a kurti, but you have to be mindful about the ratings. Most of the time, all the apps or websites present the ratings of their products. Along with ratings, customers also express their whole experience from placing an order to receiving and using it. These ratings and reviews would serve as a first-hand buying guide. So, read them carefully before purchasing the desired kurta.


Last but not least, in fact, the most important thing to consider before purchasing a kurti online is your budget. If your budget is INR 1000, then make a note of the styles or patterns of kurtis you are finding across websites and apps. To save your hard-earned money, compare their pricing. Ask your neighborhood stores if they can source the kurti at a fair price that is less expensive than these websites, and then stick to the traditional method of shopping, which is offline.
There is something worthwhile for everyone across shopping apps that are adorable, comfortable, and fashionable. But you have to be smart while buying one for yourself. We sincerely hope that this buying guide becomes useful to you the next time you buy a kurta online!

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